Excel Tutorials for Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Simple Exercise Dropdowns

The most basic way to get information from a list into a dropdown.

Advanced exercise dropdowns

Using tables, data validation and indirects, this is how I still do my exercise lists today!

Automatically Create Backup Copies on Save

Every time you save your template, this code will create an auto-backup of it in another file to prevent against corruption.

Using Index / Match

Index match works much like VLOOKUP, but it allows you to find data either left or right of the central data point.

MROUND vs Ceiling

The difference between MROUND and CEILING in calculating weights in Excel!

Calculating Volume in Excel

How to calculate Volume in your Excel Strength & Conditioning Template

Calculating multiple weights within one cell

How to calculate a weight range in Excel using a range of %s.

Implementing Wellness Questionnaire Monitoring into your Spreadsheet

How to add a few questions, pre or post workout, for your athletes to answer.

Removing Unnecessary Zeros in Excel

Sometimes in excel, when calculating weights for athletes, if there is no % it will show a zero. Here is how to hide that.

Building an Excel S&C Template Layout

Live build of me making a template in Excel