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What You Will Learn:

Included Training Modules

Here are all the main modules included in the course you need to create your own advanced template today:

  • Module 1: Overview
  • Module 2: Getting Required Information
  • Module 3A: Excel Features & Functions
  • Module 3B: Creating Your Template Layout
  • Module 4: Exercise Database & Dropdowns
  • Module 5: Athlete Database & Dropdown
  • Module 6: Automatically Calculating Weights
  • Module 7: Grouping, Logos, Colors, Final Touches
  • BONUS Module 8: Set & Rep Program Dropdowns

Bonus Additional Training Modules

Every month we release more videos, templates and modules to help you create a better templates. Here are just a few we have done:

  • Basic Testing Sheet
  • Preworkout / Postworkout Options
  • Calculate weight from another exercise max
  • Using IF Statements in excel
  • Using Tables for exercises
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Single Preworkout Dropdown
  • Using Listbox for Athlete Names
  • Creating Dropdowns in Google Sheets
  • Assigning Videos hyperlinks to Exercises
  • Password protecting your template

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am pretty good with excel, and have made several templates before. Is this for me?

    • Absolutely! We strive to cover all ranges of the excel spectrum.  Our additional training modules are introducing more complex and useful features over time, so even if you have a quality template that you have built, our additional modules will give you even more tools for your excel toolbox!  (Not to mention .5 NSCA CEUs!)

  • How often is new content added?

    • New videos and free templates are added roughly every month!  We want to make sure to introduce new and useful ways for you to upgrade your template with features that will help you cut down on clutter and monotonous work, while increasing your ability to write better programs in less time.

  • I am not good with Excel. Is this for me?

    • Absolutely.  If you have struggled with excel in the past, or simply never used it, this course will walk you through every single step needed to take an entirely blank excel spreadsheet and turn it into an advanced strength & conditioning excel template.

      Also, if at any point you get stuck, you can contact us for further help!

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  • How long does it take to get the CEU's?

    • Immediately upon completing the course, you can use the Submit Template for CEU's contact form to send us your template. We will mail you your certificate of completion and CEU Form!

  • Do I get Instant Access to Everything?

    • Yes! Immediately upon registration you will have full access to every part of the ETD Membership: The course, the free templates, the facebook group (pending approval), and the discount!

  • What is in the difference between the ETD Membership and "Create a Template" Course?

    • They are essentially the same things!

      When you sign up for the ETD Membership, you get full access to the create a template course, however that is just one of the benefits. You also get full access to the additional training modules, free templates, members facebook group, and ability to submit your template for CEU's!

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