General Questions

  • Do these templates work in sheets, numbers, or open office?

    • There is no guarantee that any of these templates will work in anything other than Excel, however we do have templates made specifically for Google Sheets, if thats what you are looking for!

  • What if I want a custom template made specifically for me?

    • Contact me!  I have done a lot of custom templates in the past, and would love to help you make one!

      Contact me now.

  • How do I get access to the Members Only section?

    • Great choice!  To join the ETD Membership, and get complete access to the "Create a Template Course" and every other benefit of it, simply visit our Create a Template page for more information!  There is a ton of benefits included, highly recommended!

  • What is the difference between levels and versions?

    • The level of the template you are looking at describes the features and ability of the template.  The version simply describes the layout of that template, or how many exercises, weeks progressions etc.  We have multiple versions of every template to match every coaches training philosophy!

  • I need a template, but not sure which one. Where do I look?

    • First, thanks for visiting my site!  I appreciate it.  Now, to find the appropriate template, first it depends on if you are looking for a personal training template, or a strength and conditioning template.

      View Personal Training Templates

      View S&C Templates

      For the strength and conditioning template, if you only train a few athletes, the Bronze or Gold template would work best. If you train teams or large groups, the gold or Platinum would work best in your situation!

  • Need more help? Contact us Today.

    • Contact us via phone at 815-621-6016, or email your question today!

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  • It says "This workbook contains macros. Do you want to open the file?"

    • The short answer is yes! If you do not enable macros, many of the essential functions of the sheet will not work. To enable macros on Mac, simply press "enable macros". On PC, on the yellow bar, press "enable active content".

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