Platinum Template FAQ

  • How do you change exercise categories?
    • All of my training spreadsheets use grouping to hide the control panels, as well as % columns, to save space.  In order to access the control panels, simply click the + sign above the columns.

      Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.22.52 AM

      Remember to close those columns before printing the sheets, however!

  • Exercises are not adding to my exercise list?
    • In order to make exercises properly add to your list and be visible in dropdowns, you need to make sure they "enter the table".

      Here is a picture of an exercise list that is not properly formatted:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.28.39 AM

      Steps to fix this:

      1. Close and reopen then sheet, and make sure you have macros enabled.
      2. Go back to your list, click the most recent exercise that is NOT in the table.  Click the formula bar, and press enter.
      3. If you see color enter behind the exercise, it has properly entered the table. Repeat this process for all exercises that are not entered into the table.

      Always add exercises in the most recent box in the exercise list; purposely leaving spaces will not expand the list to grow with your exercises.  You can use fillers if you need to.

      View Video:

  • How many exercise categories can I create?
    • The platinum level template allows you to create up to 20 of your own exercise categories. Simply type in the category name and press the save disk, and the template will activate your categories!

  • How many rosters can I add?
    • The platinum level template supports 10 rosters per workbook. Simply type in your roster name and press the save disk button, and the platinum template will active those 10 rosters!

  • My roster is not showing up, what should I do?
    • First, go to the athlete max sheet and make sure your sports names do not have any spaces or special characters. Second, press the blue save disk button on the sports page. Then go back, and re-select the sport that you want to show from the dropdown list!

  • What are the various settings I can adjust?
    • This template is unlike every template we have made before. It is entirely adaptable to YOU!

      The settings you can change are:
      1. Bulk change exercise categories
      2. Individual change exercise categories
      3. Bulk change roster names
      4. Individual change roster names
      5. Change program / set and rep category names

      Dial these in before adjusting the actual information within the categories!

  • How does the batch program email work?
    • You will need to have an active version of outlook on your computer. On the athlete max sheet, assign an email to every athlete. From there, after creating your team program, go to the batch print popup and press the email. On the next popup screen, type in the email subject and body, and press send. It will send the email to every athlete!

  • When performing a function, I get a "debug / end" error.
    • Sometimes excel does this randomly. Try running the same code again and see if it works. If it does not and you feel it is in error, shoot me an email and let me know!

  • What factors go into calculating a weight?
    • On the platinum template, there are several factors that go into calculating a weight for an athlete:
      1. The global percentage regulator
      2. The daily % regulator (in yellow)
      3. The set and rep scheme %
      4. The exercise % and alt max (When saving exercises, you must assign a % of an exercise to it. For example, it may say Bench Press 100% BP, to calculate from 100% of your bench press max. You may use Front Squat 80% BS to calculate a front squat max from 80% of your back squat max!)
      5. The athletes training maxes.

      If you are having trouble getting the weight to appear, make sure all of these things are set how you want!

  • My categories do not seem to be saving?
    • When creating your exercise categories, sports or program categories, remember you cannot use spaces or special characters. So instead of trying to save something as Horizontal Push, save it as Horizontal_push.

      Same thing with sport rosters, save them as Mens_Tennis, with the underscore.
      If all the categories are correctly written, go to the database pages and press the blue disk save button again, sometimes excel just needs to be reminded!

  • How many teams and athletes does the platinum template support?
    • Each template has the ability to store up to 10 rosters, and each roster can support an unlimited number of athletes!

      However, you can also save multiple copies of the templates to support all of your sports!

  • What versions of excel does the platinum template work with?
    • It works with excel for mac 2011, and excel for PC 2013 and 2016!

  • Can I add my own exercises and set and rep schemes?
    • Absolutely! Not only do you have the ability to add, edit and remove exercises and programs at will, the database categories are also designed specifically for you! We can help you create an exercise database or convert your existing one into dropdowns. As always, all of the training information is entered by you, we simply help you get it into a categorized, manageable form with easy access!

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