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The most comprehensive tutorial guide on Microsoft Excel for strength & Conditioning coaches!

If you are pretty comfortable with Excel, but want to learn some amazing tips and tricks to take your template to the next level, this is for you! Want to learn how to make true auto calculating weights, batch printing, use VBA and userforms, and really turn your template into a true POWERHOUSE!?!

Take a look at just a few of the things you will learn to do:

What You Will Learn:


After the highly successful first ETD "Create A Strength & Conditioning Template" Course, I knew I wanted to do another one.  This time,  I wnated to go big and teach the best and most practical stuff coaches could need.  The stuff in this video took me literally YEARS to learn how to do and perfect, and I will show you how in just a few hours.  Every single thing is provided: the VBA code, the userforms, the images for your dashboard, videos detailing how to use it, and more.  It really is a comprehensive guide.

If you think its time to step up your Excel game, give this course a try.  

The best part: included are 5 GOLD Strength & Conditioning Templates.  Just 1 Year ago these templates for $400 each!!!  Now you get 5 fully functional gold strength and conditioning templates, which have:

  • Batch printing
  • 2, 3 & 4 Day Templates
  • Advanced exercise list
  • Advanced program categories
  • And more!

The 5 Gold Templates you Will Receive:

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I have put my heart and soul into getting this course done, because I really want coaches to have accessible information to make better programs in less time.  I will be adding content to this course over time as well!  

Full list of Training Modules

Module 2A: Batch Print Listbox 

Module 2B: Batch Print Userform

Module 2C: Batch Print Coding & Link to Sheet

Module 3A: Creating Advanced Program Dropdowns Pt 1

Module 3B: Creating Advanced Program Dropdowns Pt 2

Module 4A: Creating Automatically Calculating Weights Pt 1

Module 4B: Creating Automatically Calculating Weights Pt 2

Module 5: Creating User Dasboard w/ Copy Sheets

Module 6: Save as PDF Dashboard Button

Module 7: Clear Out Program

Module 8: Setting Default Exercise Category Maxes

Module 9: Converting to a 2 & 3 Day Template!

Module 10: Bonus – Creating Userforms w/ Images

Module 11: Bonus – Batch Save as PDF

Module 12: BONUS – Tips & Tricks

Module 13: ETD Members Bonus – Save & Recall Programs PT 1

Module 14: ETD Members Bonus – Save & Recall Programs PT 2

Module 15: ETD Members Bonus – Save & Recall Programs PT 3


See What This Course Will Do For You!

Who is this course right for?

Coaches that are comfortable with Excel, have a layout they like, and know the basics of excel such as dropdowns, basic formulas and more, but now want to take it to the next level. After completing this course, you will earn the official title of Excel Wizard!

ETD VIP Membership Includes

Step by Step Walkthroughs

With over 2 hours of video and downloadable guides for every step of the way, you are guaranteed to learn Excel!

5 GOLD Strength & Conditioning Templates

As part of your ETD Membership, you get access to members only templates. These templates are not available to the general public!

Example Tutorial Guides

As part of your ETD Membership, you get access to members only templates. These templates are not available to the general public!

All VBA Code Included

As part of your ETD Membership, you get access to members only templates. These templates are not available to the general public!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be a member of the original ETD Course to join?
    • NO! But, it helps. Knowing the things that were taught in the original course is useful, because it sets the background for this course. If you have a working template, as well as a good foundational knowledge of how to use excel, then you will be fine without it!

  • Are the included Gold Templates fully functional?
    • YES! These are the exact same ones I used to sell for $500! And you will get 5 of them included with this course. They can do everything:
      Batch print
      Advanced Set & Rep Dropdowns
      Advanced Exercise Categories
      And more!

  • Is this a good course for an Excel Amateur?
    • No! This course assumes you know how to do the basics of excel like make dropdown boxes, do all formatting and layouts, make and edit named ranges, insert photos, modify cells and text, and it helps to have a baseline experience with VBA!

  • How many videos are there?
    • Currently there is 16 Videos as part of the ETD VIP Course!

So, what do you say?

Get these 5 Gold Templates:

As well as complete access to the ETD VIP "Create a Template" Course, and learn some of the most advanced features strength coaches need on Excel!

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