Why Microsoft Excel?

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There are COUNTLESS programs out there designed for personal trainers, many of them have all sorts of software included and can do all sorts of other fancy things such as scheduling, client information and storage etc, so you may be wondering why did we choose to use Excel for our personal training templates?

Well, there are several reasons.  Strength coaches all around the country have used excel for their training programs for years, mostly because it has the versatility of calculations such as intensity, weight, maxes etc.  Many personal trainers may feel they don’t need these features, in most cases personal trainers simply do not need to use percentages of 1RM or base things off of maxes.   However, excel offers many benefits over the traditional model of personal training logs that are written by hand:

1.     It displays professionalism and planning, which your current and future clients love to see.

2.     It displays knowledge, with them having a plan specifically focused to help them reach their goals.

3.     Its customization options are almost limitless.  Logos, colors, columns and boxes etc, there is almost no limit to what we can do with an excel template.


So at ExcelTrainingDesigns, we decided to try and merge traditional strength and conditioning program design with personal training, and the result is the templates we offer for sale today.  It offers the program design style of professional strength and conditioning, and the versatility and recording ability of traditional personal training.  In addition, we can customize things to better suit what you do as a company.  Programs on the computer cannot offer these options as well as we can do on Excel, and this is why we decided to focus on training templates alone and make them GREAT, instead of an “all in one” type of program where it does everything but just ok.  Please contact us today with any questions regarding our personal training excel spreadsheets or FMS score sheets!