Personal Client Track 101

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So you got a new client, and looking for the best, seamless way to bring them in, get them better, and have them leave with results?  Simple, follow this formula:

1. Evaluate the client.  Learn their wants, needs, physical condition, goals, preferences, and diet habits.

2. Test the client.  You NEED before/pre training numbers to show them where they are at.  Personal training client tracking is completely dependent on having pre-test numbers.  These tests can include strength (squat, bench), flexibility, FMS score, weight, body measurements, BMI, etc.

3. Train the client.  Make sure the client is having fun, someone who buys in to what you are selling will ALWAYS show better results than someone who does not.  I have no direct proof of this besides anecdotal.  We all know our clients need to do certain things they dont WANT to do, and thats ok.  Explain to them what, why, and how we are going to get the results they want, and it will involve doing some exercises or work they dont enjoy.  But they must enjoy some aspect of the training.

4. Test the client.  Test periodically, you do not need to dedicate a whole day to it, however tracking weight every week, measurements every month, maxes every month, flexibility occasionally, and you can show your clients results.

5. Track this information using Excel.  We offer personal training client tracking spreadsheets that will do all of this for you.  Our body measurement excel spreadsheet prints out easily on one graph, same with our excel personal training testing sheets.  Our personal training client workout spreadsheets also print out easily and allow you to track progress as you work with your client.  Show them on paper how they have gotten better, what needs to improve etc.


This is a simple yet effective training protocol to use for your personal training clients.  Enjoy!