Not Your Everyday Personal Training Template

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Many people who come to this site find us via google.  But did you know our templates offer so much more than meets the eye?  Not only are the templates designed with the personal trainer and fitness professional in mind, it offers a lot of long term options.  No more needing a new sheet of paper for every workout.  Your business (read: you!) needs something to set you apart in this saturated marketplace of personal trainers, and using our templates is another tool in the toolbox for you to help increase your efficiency, personalization and effectiveness of training.  Not to mention the ease of use and ability to store information and workouts long term!  For some details, check out the pictures.

All of our personal training templates offer the ability to store all your exercises in an exercise database, shown here:

exercise list


On top of that, you can now use this exercise list to build your workouts.  No more writing in by hand or trying to think of the correct exercise.  This is a simple two step process.  First, select the type of body part you want to work.




Lets go with Chest.  Next, select the exercise from the exercise list.  Notice the exercises in the exercise database under Chest now appear as your options here?


Perfect!  Now lets select our set and rep scheme.  There are a lot of pre-set options with our templates, simply point and click and the boxes fill in for you


notcard4Lets go with 5x6.  Now the boxes are filled in for you.



Thats all it is!  No other template on the internet gives you the options and versatility that we have available on our templates.  These are more than just "fill in the blank" templates.  Professionalism and style merge together to create our personal training excel templates.  We also offer a great list of customizations, as well as the ability to change these excel workout templates to match any of your needs.  Use the contact us button now to get a hold of us and tell us what you need on your template and we will make it happen!