Performance Reads of the Week - 7/17/16

Welcome to the first edition of "Performance Reads"! 

This newsletter is focused on one thing: writing better programs.  We will not be discussing the usage of big data, analytics, GPS or fancy equipment.  I want to provide the information to you necessary to help your athletes get better with proper planning and programming. Periodization, exercise selection and variation, motor control, plyometrics, and more!

The #1 reason I love excel over any other platform is its ability to allow coaches to write highly functional and customized programs.  Nothing else on the market allows that.

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Tier System: A Complete Review

By: Brett Bueker

One of the most simple and effective ways to program is using the Tier system. This post goes over the tier system as a way to categorize exercises and structure workouts, as well as variations on the tier system which you can implement today. A must read for all coaches!

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A Case for 1x20 Training

By: Steve Olson

I wrote this article a few years ago in response to my initial experience in implementing 1x20 training. From a motor control, learning and physiological standpoint, the 1x20 is the most simple and effective method for programming around learning and minimum effective dose. Check out the how and why in this article.

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Jump Higher and Run Faster with Contrast Training

By: Nicholas Bronkall

Contrast training is something I have used effectively for many years with higher level athletes. The basic idea is following a heavy lift with a similar, but unloaded, plyometric exercise. This post is a good primer on how it works and some ideas on how you can use it with your upper level athletes. Next week we will cover Complex training and Post Activation Potentiation further.