Performance Reads of the Week - 7/31/16

This week we have 4 articles and another video on motor learning.  Don't miss it!

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There is only one type of periodization

By: Greg Nuckols

Being technically correct with your terminology is very important when discussing topics. This article discusses the practical definitions of many terms that often get confused. Part II coming next week.

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Is the Max Effort Method Killing our Athletes?

By: Bret Contreras

A topic that is near and dear to my heart: discussing the efficacy of max effort training for the purposes of athletic performance. Make no mistake, max effort work is required for powerlifters, as it is specific to their sport. Athletes need only the characteristics associated with squatting, and they can be developed in less stressful ways.

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DUP: The Bogeyman of Training Programs

By: Greg Nuckols

Known for his massively researched and intelligent articles on training, this is a must read. Daily Undulating Periodization is a great method for gaining strength and size on a high frequency program, without burning out. Interesting topic that can help improve your athletic protocols. More high frequency stuff coming next week!


Purposeful GPP: Applying Science to Your Conditioning

By: Bryan Mann

Recently at a conference, Dan John said he has his athletes start their offseason workouts with "hard stuff". Thick bar deadlifts, farmers walk, yoke walks etc. This clicked with me and made a lot of sense! In this article, Dr. Bryan Mann goes over various ways to implement GPP, as well as its definition and purpose in training.

Motor Learning: Block vs Random Practice

By: Train Ugly

Amazing video put together by the guys at  Learn the concepts of motor learning by definition and in practice with sports training.  15 Minutes to become a better coach, don't miss this one.