Performance Reads of the Week - 11/20


Multi-Dimensional Training & Implementation

By: Matt Van Dyke & Matt Shaw

One of the most underutilized things in most athletic training programs: exercises that target disadvantageous body positions and lateral strength training exercises. Learn more about this and how to implement in to your program!


Why is eccentric training different? (strength is specific)

By: Chris Beardsley

I talk a lot about eccentric and triphasic training in these articles (I personally use it with athletes, and it just works). This article by Chris Beardsley deep dives into some potential mechanisms for why eccentric training adapts faster than concentric, beyond the normal passive vs active mechanism of muscle action.


5 Bodybuilding Lies You Probably Believe

By: Ian Padron

One constant I have seen in every single industry I have ever researched or worked in: the best find inspiration for their career, outside of their career. Its why I use economics to drive my training philosophy, and here you can read some bodybuilding tips that you can implement with your athletes!

Improve your running vertical jump with rudiment hops

By: Joel Smith

My type of video: actionable, easy to implement and explain, and will create calculable gains in your athletes ability to perform!