Performance Reads of the Week - 11/27

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This week, I am posting a 5 Part Series by Coach Tom Kelso.  While I think some coaches may disagree with some of strength training specific recommendations (it appears to be more HIT in nature), the entirety of the article series is a must read and the overarching theme of specificity, planning and separation of training means is extremely important!  

Some of the most important points are the importance of classification of your program, specificity within the conditioning and sport specific programs, and specific planning required when designing these protocols.  Also, question everything, and understand its use from a practical and a research based standpoint before implementing.  You can't argue with that!

Training Activities For Athletes: The Logical Steps To Determine Their Value, Part 1

Part 1 of this training program deals with classification of your training means. By organizing your program into Strength, Conditioning and Skill, you can begin to make the ideal training program for your athletes with extreme specificity in mind.

Training Activities For Athletes: The Logical Steps To Determine Their Value, Part 2

Before using a tool within your training program, you need to understand its actual value. If it doesn't provide the intended value, or another tool does, then don't use it! This list goes over the various checklists needed for strength, conditioning and skill execution.

Training Activities For Athletes: Skill Training Research And How To Apply It, Part 3

Skill training may be the most mis-understood aspect of strength and conditioning. Several pieces of research are presented discussing the correlation between the big general lifts, and specific sporting outcomes. Learn what is needed for perfect practice and to increase sport specific skills.

Training Activities For Athletes: Safety And Legitimacy, Part 4

This article questions two things: is your exercise safe, and is it proven valid via research for the desired outcome. The one issue I see with this article is research is often times many years behind the leading practitioners in the field, and peer reviewed results are often times published years after the program has been executed in the field. What I love about this article: avoiding gray area work. If you don't need it, throw it out!

Training Activities For Athletes: The Final Steps To Determine Their Value, Part 5

A recap of the previous 5 articles. This is extremely important, especially for younger or new coaches. Essentially: question everything, and understand it before you use it. If you can't explain its benefit, or think its already being addressed, don't use it.

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