Performance Reads of the Week - 9/25

By Performance Reads

Its Block Periodization Week at ETD!

4 Articles focused on Block Periodization, as well as its role and scope within other types of programming.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Block Periodization

By: Steve Olson

An article I wrote regarding the basics of Block Periodization! Breaking down the concepts, the goals and what you need to know to begin to understand what Block Periodization is. A good primer before moving on to the more advanced topics below!

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Advanced Methods in Triphasic Training

By: Cal Dietz

The powerpoint from Cal Dietz' Presentation at the NSCA Coaches Conference in 2014 on Triphasic Training. The basis behind Triphasic Training is Weekly Undulating, Block inspired programming, and here you can learn how and why!

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Block Periodization in Sport Training: Scientific Concept and Implementation

By: Vladimir Issurin

In this powerpoint from 2010, Dr. Issurin goes into more detail about what inspired the Block training programming, why it was originally built (one reason: to accommodate multiple competitive seasons within a training year), the principles behind Block periodization, and real world graphs from Olympic level athletes training protocols!

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Overview of Periodization Methods for Resistance Training

By: Mladen Jovanovic

This is a great article for Block Periodization in that it explains the context of this periodization method in context of other programs. A great takeaway is short vs long term programming, and when you decide to write a long sequential program like Block training, you are playing the long game, not looking for instant game-ready returns!

What is Periodization? (Linear, DUP & Block Explained)

By: MyoNation

Why do you need to watch this?

"What do I do if I find the training too hard?"

"Go see your mom and she can pity you. You can go see your girlfriend and she can pity you. But when the competition comes around, your opponent is not going to pity you. Your opponent will kick you, step on you and walk further towards the pedestal"