Performance Reads of the Week - 8/21/16

By Performance Reads

This week we have 4 articles and another video on motor learning.  Don't miss it!


Westside vs The Russian Conjugate System

By: Brandon Senn

Even today, there is a ton of misconceptions regarding what Westside is and what is isn't. This article covers in depth what the difference between the original concept of Conjugate training is, and what Westside has modified it to be.


Considerations for Programming the Squat

By: Steve Olson

Many coaches program just a squat. But there are so many variations, stances, bar placements etc that can effect what you receive from doing the exercise! This article goes over some of the physiological differences of different types of squats for your athletes.


Exercise Selection Evolution

By: Gabriel Naspinski

Gabriel has evolved his training method over the years, and is one of the few coaches who freely admits to evolving and improving, and what his previous misconceptions regarding training were. This article covers how his choice of exercises and desired traits from training has evolved over the years.


High Frequency Training for a Bigger Total

By: Greg Nuckols

High frequency training is a highly effective tool that appears to be rarely used in team sport athletics. This article by Greg Nuckols discusses research done on highly trained Norwegian powerlifters, and how moving to a lower dose, higher frequency approach has affected their strength.

Glute Ham Gastroc Raise

By: Dr. Michael Yessis

As the founder of the GHR machine, who better to show you how to accurately use it?  Dr. Yessis discusses the original application of the GHR and how to perform it, as well as how NOT to perform it!