Performance Reads of the Week - 12/4

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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This week, I am posting a 5 Part Series by Coach Tom Kelso.  While I think some coaches may disagree with some of strength training specific recommendations (it appears to be more HIT in nature), the entirety of the article series is a must read and the overarching theme of specificity, planning and separation of training means is extremely important!  

Some of the most important points are the importance of classification of your program, specificity within the conditioning and sport specific programs, and specific planning required when designing these protocols.  Also, question everything, and understand its use from a practical and a research based standpoint before implementing.  You can't argue with that!

Guide to Lower Body Training for NFL Combine Athletes

By: Steve Olson

Detailed, block by block breakdown of everything I do with my Combine athletes for the lower body. I use a sequencing protocol, with a primary emphasis, secondary emphasis sand retention block of each phase.

Programming for the 225 Bench Press Test

By: Steve Olson

Detailed breakdown of my goals for training the upper body for the 225 Bench. This is a concurrent program that trains below, at and above 225 for all athletes, and slowly winds back to the middle before the test.

Football Combine Training

By: Chad Wesley Smith

Chad Wesley Smith is super, super smart. His program for combine is outlayed front to back, both running and lifting. Don't miss this if you train combine athletes!

Review of Al Vermeil's Techniques for a Faster 40 Yard Dash

By: Carl Valle

We have all seen the graph of importance of various qualities in relation to sprint speed. Carl Valle breaks down each of these qualities in this article!

Sprint Form Slow Motion

By: CT Fletcher

Awesome video highlighting sprint form in slow motion.  Tons of takeaways from this: you can get ideas for more specialized movements, the exact arm action, joint angle and foot strike used in elite runners, as well as technical cues.