Performance Reads of the Week - 10/30


Understanding the strategy of periodization

By: Karsten Jenson

Every coach can use a constant refresher of the basics and theory behind programming and periodization, and this article covers just that.


Transfer of Training for team Sports

By: Steve Olson

An article I wrote last year regarding transfer of training, how it is calculated, and some of the data reported by Dr. Bondarchuk in his book Transfer of Training.


Squats - Programming for Jumps & Sprints

By: Nick Newman

A concise and practical article on how to program your squats for maximum transfer to jumping and sprinting over the course of several weeks. Highly recommended to start to view squats as a tool to increase another protocol!


Tip: When to Train to Failure, When to Avoid It

By: Charles Staley

Couldn't agree with this more! Short but sweet, this article covers the cost vs benefits of training to failure. The #1 question, is the cost (additional fatigue) worth the benefit (increased strength compared to not training to fatigue)?

Halloween Tips for Bros

By: Dom Mazzetti

Halloween is tomorrow, why not?