Performance Reads of the Week - 11/6


What Do I Have To Work With

By: Todd Hamer

Arguably the most practical strength coach in College right now, and he posted his ENTIRE football training program for the world to see. How many coaches do that? Do not miss this.


Tapering and Peaking

By: Greg Nuckols

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Greg Nuckols deep dives into tapering and peaking, the variables involves, the different types and how they function within a periodized program.


Triphasic Training

By: Matt Van Dyke

A concise and practical article on how to program your squats for maximum transfer to jumping and sprinting over the course of several weeks. Highly recommended to start to view squats as a tool to increase another protocol!


Developing Your Program

By: Brett Bueker

A program consists of sets and reps, yes. But it also includes creating a culture within your weight room that will allow your team to thrive. Brett starts with his three pillars of success:
Be on time
Have a great attitude
Give great effort

Can you disagree with this? If not, read more about developing your program!

IGCT W/ Jim Kiritsy

By: Ron McKeefery

Another of the most well respected coaches in college, this interview with Ron McKeefery on "Basic things done savagely well" is a must see.