Performance Reads of the Week - 10/2

By Performance Reads

Its Athlete Monitoring week at ETD.

Here is some awesome information on how you can implement athlete monitoring into your program immediately, at no cost.  Also, heres an article I wrote on implementing wellness questionnaires into your training template!

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Athlete Monitoring on a Budget - An Experience

By: John Abreu

This is a great introductory article on implementing athlete monitoring to your athletes. It covers example questions,methods of implementation, and most importantly: why you are doing the survey in the first place.

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Seattle Seahawks Player Monitoring

By: Patrick Ward

If you are only going to read one article this week, make this the one. This was Patrick Ward's powerpoint presentation from NSCA Coaches Conference 2016. Very easy to read, understand and implement, this will bring you up to speed with what athlete monitoring ACTUALLY is, types and sources of data collection, and more.

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Create a Free Athlete Wellness and Workload Monitoring Tools

By: Adam

This guy is good! Taking polls in google forms, transplanting the data to excel and turning it into usable graphs. If you want to make practical visual displays based on the data you collect, this is the place to start. Not for the faint of heart!

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Effective Athlete Monitoring: Wellness Questionnaires


Very short and simple article on surveys for wellness, including a basic example of what you can ask and the responses you can gather. If you aren't sure where to start with implementing a survey, try this one.

Monitoring Fatigue from A to Z, with Bryan Mann

By: Dr. Bryan Mann

The central point of monitoring is to monitor fatigue, either too much or lack thereof.  Watch this extremely underviewed (only 436 views? come on) with Dr. Bryan Mann to learn more!