Introductory Workout Card

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So I touched on this topic before in my post 5 Benefits To Programmed Training, and I wanted to elaborate on it in case anyone wanted more information.  I have 2 variations of introductory excel workout logs, beginner and intermediate.  There is no way for me to know if someone is advanced without having seen them in action, and this introductory card gives me a plan for the moment they walk through the door and to make that decision on their training level.  Every person that walks through the door, regardless of experience, goes on one of these two programs for a minimum of one week, typically 2-4 weeks.  Why?  Simple, allow me to give you a list!

  1. Regardless of how the athlete looks, or how they discuss their training background, I as a trainer need to know where they are.  I need to know what they can do and cant do.
  2. I need to teach them the basic exercises that are the foundation of my programming.  They may already know these, but I need to make sure they are doing them correctly and the way I need them done.
  3. It gives me a chance to see how they react to different styles of coaching.
  4. It gives me the opportunity to identify weaknesses, compensations or basic movement pattern issues that need to be addressed.
  5. Lastly, it gives me an opportunity to make sure they are on an ideal program and not forced into something that doesn't fit what they need.
So how do you do it?  Simple!  Create 2 or even 3 variations of introductory workout cards using your Excel workout log, with each card containing the basic workouts and the basic set-rep schemes you feel are best for your clients and the corresponding fitness level.  Name each one in the tab, as shown below:
This way, as soon as you have a new client walk in the door, you have something ready for them and a chance to further evaluate!  Any questions please contact!