Methods of Organization

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So you are considering a new training template to use with your clients, but are trying to figure out the best way to organize your files.  Well, I am here to show you two very effective methods to do this.  Lets get to it.

The Tab Method

The first, have one master file and create a new tab for every client.  This is done like this:



Here is your file, the first thing to do is rename "Client Name Here" to the name of your client.


I used the name John Johnson.  We all know atleast one of them right?!

Next, we are going to create a copy of this tab for EVERY client.  This will allow you to quickly and easily change multiple clients programs if need be, and easy access to all of them.



As you can see, now you can rename the new tab to the name of your next client.


So lets rename this to our next client, Brian Johnson.  Now, each of your clients has their own individual tab and separate programs!




So whats the other method?  Easy, creating an individual file for each client that you have.


The Individual File Method

Here we have our original template, lets call it Master Program File.  This is in a folder called "Programs" where you can store all of your clients programs.


Of course a PC will look different than a mac, but you get the idea!

So lets open this file, and just like before, rename the tab to John Johnson.


Next, lets "Save As" and type in the File Name John Johnson.




So now we have our file John Johnson in our programs file!  Just do this for every client you have and you can store individual information and programs in each file.


Lets make one more for Brian Johnson.



Thats it!  Two easy methods to store programs and information for your clients.  And another trick you can use with the "Multiple File" Methods: Create tabs for every 3 weeks, AKA John Johnson Wks 1-2, John Johnson Wks 3-4 etc.  Any questions just post in the comments or feel free to contact us!