Which Excel Template is Right For You?

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Which excel template?

As you look through the gallery of templates we offer, it may become overwhelming trying to choose one that works for you, they all look different, but similar in many ways.  Heres a few hints of things to look at to help you pick a template that fits your goals.

Total number of exercises

First, how many exercises do you use during training? Some of the templates offered at Excel Training Designs allow for as few as 6 exercises, others for as many as twenty.  Make sure the template you pick allows for the proper number.

How do you structure workouts?

If you do a lot of supersets with your training, look at a template that has most of the exercises paired together.  On our excel templates, they are marked with “Pair W/” to mark a superset.  Many of the templates offered allow for a few main movements with no supersets, followed by circuits of either two or three accessory movements that are paired together.  Look at the structure of the workout and make sure it matches your training style.

 How many days per week do you need?

Most of our templates come with two templates, either a two and three day, or three and four day template.  Make sure the template you get has enough days for your clients.  Remember that you do not always have to fill in every day, i.e you can use a three day template and just fill out two of the days.

How many weeks do you want each progression to last?

As I have stated before, I am a big advocate on four week progressions.  However, with some clients you will want to use two or three week progressions with their program.  Be sure that the template you choose has the correct number of weeks for the type of training you want to do.


Are you a strength coach?  Then be sure to look at the strength and conditioning template customizations.  Do you use FMS Correctives? Check out our FMS corrective column additions for your template.  Beyond the normal exercise, sets and reps, each template needs to have the features you need to adequately train your clients.  Every one of the templates we offer is completely customizable to make them more specifically match your style of training.  Using the customizations available as well as by contacting us, let us help you make a template that works best for you.