Performance Reads of the Week - 9/4/16

By Performance Reads

This week we have 4 articles and another video on motor learning.  Don't miss it!

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Maximum Effort Training for the Front Seven

By: Joe Kenn

Joe Kenn wrote an amazing article last year on cycles you can use for your front 7 in football. Of course, this information can be applied to all strength-speed dominant sports! Included is exercise and program variations for 3 levels of athletes.

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Bryan Mann Talks Velocity Based Training

By: Bryan Mann & Mark Watts

Who else would talk about VBT but the man himself? Learn more about the various zones of training using mean velocity, why VBT is important, and why understanding the correlation between %, intensity and physiological adaptation is critical to the implementation of VBT.

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What Everyone Really Needs to Know About Periodization

By: Joel Smith

My favorite stuff! Periodization is very abstract, and Joel Smith does a great job breaking down the terms, what they mean and how they look in a long term model. Understanding of these topics is necessary to improving your programs and "speaking the same language" as other coaches when discussing the topic.

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Layering The Basics For Optimal Movement

By: Dave Tilley

Getting a PT's perspective on training is hugely important. Dave Tilley discusses his perspective on movement layers, what the layers encompass and some basic questions to ask when trying to classify your athletes movement patterns, starting from simple joint movements to complex sport movement.

Residual Training Effects During the Season

By: Jeff Moyer & Yosef Johnson

Want to learn more about how the benefit of residual effects of training can improve your in season programming?  Watch this interview with Jeff & Yosef!