Performance Reads of the Week - 10/9

This week we are featuring: Plyometric & Jump Training.

First, understand the major difference between Plyometrics and Jump Training:



Post-Activation Potentiation: Theory And Application

By: Bret Contreras

Bret Contreras gives quite literally the most detailed account you could ever need about post potentiation activation. Every detail, from what it is, the difference between contrast and complex training, its positives and negatives, which populations will benefit and more, are covered in extreme detail. Don't miss it.


Eight Little Known Truths about Jump Training

By: Poliquin Group

This guy is good! Taking polls in google forms, transplanting the data to excel and turning it into usable graphs. If you want to make practical visual displays based on the data you collect, this is the place to start. Not for the faint of heart!


Jump with a Purpose

By: Jesse Irizarry

The COMPLETE lowdown on Plyometrics. Heres a sneak preview: "Let’s make this clear: haphazardly using depth jumps in training without progressively preparing the body for it is just as bad as maxing out a new lifter on day one. The amount of force transferred through your body during the rapid eccentric action of landing can easily exceed three times the body weight of an athlete or lifter. "


Shock Method & Plyometrics: Updates and in Depth Examination

By: Natalia Verkhoshansky

This powerpoint from Natalia Verkhoshansky from the CVASPS covers the justification of the Shock method, the research and physiological response behind it, and finally progression specific protocols you can use for various motions. Get a pain, paper and a beer: this one will take awhile. But it will be worth it!

Jump Training Iso-Dynamic Squats

By: Joel Smith

This workout looks intense!  Jump squats, followed by a wave up to heavy loads, followed by more barbell jump squats.  Give this a try!