Organization of your new Strength and Conditioning Excel Template

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One of the biggest issues people present me with is trying to figure out the best way to organize their strength and conditioning excel template to span multiple teams, or multiple clients.  There are several possible options for this, depending entirely on who your clientele is and what is your focus.

Regardless of who you train, before anything else you need to enter in all of your exercises and potential set/rep/% schemes.  This HAS to be your first goal when receiving your template.  If you jump ahead too quickly you will regret it as now your information will not be spread across all the sheets correctly. What my suggestion for those who purchase the templates is when creating the programs, be sure to take your time and enter as many as you would conceivably use (3x6, 3x8, 3x10, 5x5, whatever you want!).  This will only increase your options when it comes to program design and that, in my opinion, is a good thing as it will allow you to further customize your programs to your population.


Option 1: Team Settings / High Schools / Universities

For those who train in team settings, the next thing you need to do is create a file folder System.  This will be your new plan of organization for all your teams.  You will have your main folder, which is a gateway to the rest of it, lets call this one "Strength".  Within that folder are subfolders that lead to the teams you are training, as such:


Within each of these folders, lets put a year to designate which training year we are currently in.


Now from here you have two options, we can leave it at this or further specify down to the season or time of year (summer/spring/fall or offseason/preseason/inseason etc).  However you choose to do it, this network of files will become your new method of storage for all of your strength and conditioning files, and the final result will look like this:




Wa-la!  Copy your strength and conditioning excel template (which has its exercises and set/reps/% already entered and done, right?) to each final folder and you are done, now time to get programming!

Option 2: Private Sector / One on One Training

The second set of instructions is for those who recently purchased a strength and conditioning excel upgrade and work with individuals, one on one or in a small group basis where everyone is on a different program.  This one is more simple, in that for this you merely need to follow our previous post on Methods of Organization.

Once you receive your Excel Template, the best way to organize your training programs is to create multiple copies of the program tab in your excel file.  This will allow you to have a master excel file where you can easily access, change and print multiple programs at one time.  See the following pictures taken from my Excel Template.


strength4 strength5


Thats it!  Rename the tab to match either your program name or your athletes name, whichever you prefer.  You can even change the tab color for different programs, again just simply right click on the tab and it will give you the information you need.

If you are looking for a custom strength and conditioning excel template or a custom personal training excel template, please give us a shout with the "Contact Us" button at the top!