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(Made in Microsoft Excel!)

Don't settle for less than the best. Save Time and make better programs with Excel Training Designs.

  • Save hours per week on your program design and management.
  • Build comprehensive databases of exercises, programs, sets and reps and more.
  • Program Management tools to save and distribute programs like you never thought possible!
  • 7 layout options available!  With options for Triphasic, Tier System, Tempo and VBT Training, Autoregulatory, as well as multiple variations on general programs, you are SURE to get the one you need.
  • Don't get software that just doesn't work how you want.  Built by a coach, for coaches. 
  • ALSO INCLUDED: Get free access to our members VIP Course - to learn how to make your own advanced excel template!
  • BONUS: Get all of our gold and bronze templates included!

Heres the deal: Most Coaches spend WAY too much time on Excel.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  You are trying to figure out something in Excel, so you spend hours searching google and trying to figure out how to get your template to do what you want it to do.

What if you had a collection of ready made templates, with every feature and function a coach could need, ready at your disposal to quickly write and distribute programs?  

If you could save 5+ hours a week on program design and distribution, and have a template for every season, how would that help you?

Thats what we make possible at Excel Training Designs.

We have a simple motto: Better programs in less time.  At Excel Training Designs, we don't believe that coaches should have to sacrifice their program to fit the limitations of what their software can support.  We want to provide the benefits and versatility that is required for Coaches, with the functionality of even the best software on the market!

What if you could get the BEST program design software ever made, and never have to struggle with Excel again?

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Build Comprehensive Databases

Here is where most software gets it wrong:  They don't know how coaches REALLY work.  

Quickly Make and Distribute Programs

With dropdowns for exercises as well as specific set and rep lists, you can make programs in no time.

Never Mess with Excel Formulas Again

Your job as a strength coach is not to be an Excel Guru.  Its to write and administer great programs!

This product is worth every penny! As the only strength coach at an institution with 25+ varsity sports, ETD allows me to go about scheduling, programming and recording data in the most efficient way possible. This product makes communicating (about all training variables) with athletes, coaches & athletic training staff a breeze.

All aspects of my job have been improved through the use of ETD. To be conservative, the template(s) and extra(s) that come with the platinum package save me easily 15-20 hours a week. ETD allows me to spend more time building relationships, coaching and educating versus sitting at my desk typing away.

- Ben Kozak - Strength & Conditioning Coach, Midland University

Try Excel Training Designs

"Create better training programs in less time."

I am a Strength and Conditioning coach, first and foremost.  I first started learning and using Excel like everyone else: out of necessity.  Over time, I turned it into what you see here: the most comprehensive strength and conditioning template line ever built.

Every part of this template line was built to be 100% functional and practical.  I understand that your programming method may be different from another coach, and that your template needs to reflect that.

This is why we have 7 Versions of the Platinum Template (not just 1), so that you can write programs specific to what YOU need, not to what you are limited by.

Get Access to 5 Different Platinum Templates Now!

Just $299 - One Time Payment. 

INCLUDED: Members VIP Course to Learn How to make your OWN Templates!

INCLUDED: All of our GOLD & BRONZE Templates as well!

What Our Template Can Do for You:

Quickly Create The Best Customized Programs.

"Don't sacrifice your program to fit the limitations of software."

Create your own databases of exercises, sets and reps, as well as rosters.  Using this information, you can quickly make training programs using dropdowns.  The fastest, most customized and efficient program design process on ANY program.

Easily Adjust the categories of exercises or programs, and add up to 10 Individual Rosters!

The BEST Program Management Functions

I know the allure of the brand new software on the market: its convenient to distribute to athletes.  With this new template, you can get the easy distribution benefits of other applications, with the ease of use and versatility of Excel.

Easily save an entire teams program as an individual Excel (XLSX) file, or as a PDF.  Also, you can email your entire team their individual workout as an Excel file, or as a PDF.  Never sacrifice your program quality for convenience again: get them both with this new template.

  • Batch Printing allows you to print an entire teams program with 1 click. 
  • Batch PDF or Excel Save will save every athletes program, individually, as an individual Excel file or PDF, your choice!
  • Want to send programs to athletes?  With the Batch Email option, you can email every athlete their own program with just a few clicks.

Login & Administrative Access Included

Want to prevent others from having access to your template?  Or want to restrict an interns access to only certain parts of this program?

You can easily, using the Login access option.  You can create users and assign them access to only certain parts of the template, and those without the password can *never* get in.

Custom Set & Rep Storage

Here is the real secret behind programming: most software on the market is designed to get a set and rep to the athlete efficiently through an app. 

But 5x3 @ 80% is different than 5x3 @ 50%.  With this program, you can save all your set and rep schemes into custom databases for permanent storage, and quick recall using dropdowns.

Custom Exercise Categories and Lists

Being able to store exercises using your own classifications, and recalling that quickly with dropdowns, is paramount to a successful program.  Create your own exercise categories, using your own classifications, and add exercises to them as you wish.  Programming becomes simple and effective as can be. 

With this template, you can create 20 categories of your own to build your own exercise database.  In addition, every exercise will automatically calculate a weight for that lift based off any other lift you choose.  Never type a formula to calculate prescription weights again!

Save and Recall Entire Training Programs

With the platinum Template, you can create a program, save it into a database, and recall it on demand.  Whenever you want.

Never have a file full of tons of old programs, or countless tabs scrolling the bottom of your template again!  Use the save and recall and neatly store everything into an invisible database for easy future access.

Easy to use Dashboard

The dashboard on every single page allows you to quickly and easily manage your programs.   With this dashboard, you have the ability to:

  • Save & Recall Training Programs
  • Clear Current Program
  • Copy Current Sheet
  • Save current program as PDF or XLSX File
  • Email current program as PDF or XLSX File
  • Show Navigational Dashboard
  • Print Template
  • Open batch Printing Dashboard
  • Get Help
  • Select Sport & Athlete

Store Multiple Independent Rosters

With the ability to store up to 10 Rosters independent of each other, you will never have to save multiple copies of your excel files separately.

BONUS: 2nd VBT / Tempo Version Included

No matter the layout you choose, you will get a 2nd variation of it absolutely free.  This version will be a 2 week progression, that has columns for planning and tracking both Velocity based training, as well as tempo work.  In addition, it allows your athletes to record the actual weight used during that session in an ACT column.

This is included with your base template, 100% free!

All 7 Platinum Versions Available

We have 7 versions of the Platinum Template available.  They all contain the same Platinum features, however the difference is in the layout.  In addition, every single template includes a 2nd VBT version, which is a 2 Week Variation that is compatible with both Velocity Based Training and Tempo / Triphasic work!

This product saved me TONS of time on the front end, and had a grid for everything you can think of - sets, reps, exercise database, time under tension - you name it, it's got it! Whatever parameters you want to set up for the team you are training, it can facilitate it. Some templates or document set-ups lock your style of training into a particular routine just based on how it's set up. The limiting factor with these templates however, is just your own imagination! They can accommodate any training philosophy - I am completely happy with my purchase!

To be honest, the most helpful thing for me was just how accessible Steve is with answering questions. I thought for sure by my 10th question in about 3 days he was going to be like "look buddy, just figure it out." Not so. He was patient with me and prompt in answering questions via email and cell phone. He's a great guy and one heck of a blessing to the strength & conditioning community - thanks, Steve!!

- Josh Willhite - Strength & Conditioning Coach, Vanderbilt

One of the main reasons why i was drawn towards exceltrainingdesigns, was a wish to minimize my time writing programs, an maximizing my time coaching my athletes. Having bought your platinum template has indeed made that wish come true.

- Mads Lerche Strength & Conditioning Coach - Denmark

Summary of What You’ll Get...

    • Exercise Dropdowns
    • Program Dropdowns
    • Batch print
    • Batch save as PDF / Excel
    • Batch Email as PDF / Excel
    • Save & Recall Training Programs
    • And more!
    • MEMBERS VIP Course - Learn how to make your own advanced template!

Get instant access to 5 versions of the best program design software available.


Lifetime Updates

One Time Payment

Unlimited Phone, Email & Text Support

BONUS: 2nd VBT / Tempo Version Included!

BONUS: Free Members VIP Course Included!

Get Instant Access to your template!

Just $299

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How many athletes can I use this with?

Can I add all my own exercises, programs etc?

What versions of Excel does this work with?

What are some of the main features?

What if I have an issue with the template?

Anything else included?

My experience with this product has been wonderful! I was skeptical on purchasing the product at first but I KNOW I've made a great decision with zero regrets.

This template has helped me save time with program designing, keep track of past programs to recall in the future, and supply a large group/team with individualized programs specific to their needs.

- Charles Loftis - Owner, XCEL Performance and Fitness

Why do we stay with Excel? Simple, for coaches that care about a great program, nothing comes close.

I have made over 1000 excel templates for coaches at every level: professional, olympic, high school, private sectors, powerlifting gyms and more.  The extreme differences in programming and templates that each gym requires has taught me one thing: no software will replace excel any time soon.  

On my fourth year of running Excel Training Designs, I have invested thousands of hours into learning how to make Excel do things that coaches never would have dreamed of.  And that's how this template was born: the best program design software available today.

Don't waste any more time on Excel searching formulas or functions.  Get these 14 Platinum Excel Templates today!

The alternative, of course, is to keep pounding away on Excel...

Get Access Now!

Just $299. Including Lifetime Updates, Unlimited Phone, Email & Text support, as well as FREE Members VIP Course to Learn how to make your own template.

Stop spending countless hours trying to build an excel template that fits what you want: get the best one ever created for a single payment of just $299.  Built by a coach, for coaches!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

I will stop to no ends to make sure this template works for you.  Every issue will be fixed promptly, and updates released regularly.  

"Better Programs in Less Time. I Guarantee It."