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ETD Special is Ending Soon!

$400+ worth of Excel Templates for just $59!


ETD Pen Drive 2.0

15 Templates Designed Specifically for Coaches, Delivered on a 4GB custom Excel Training Designs Pen / Thumb Drive!

Some of the most useful and beautiful excel templates ever made for strength and conditioning coaches!

As a strength and conditioning coach myself, I know what you need to take work off your plate!  Let this series of templates help you make better programs in less time.

Coaches, this is for you if...

You want to save time, effort and energy on your programming, managing and tracking of templates.  You are tired of trying to create excel templates and learning formulas to handle situations.  You just want the template done and functional so you can quickly create and distribute programs.

15 Strength & Conditioning TEMPLATES INCLUDED:

3 Bronze Strength & Conditioning Templates

1 Gold Strength & Conditioning Template

Advanced Testing Template

Testing, Tracking, Speed & Agility, FMS

7 Blank Strength & Conditioning Templates

Take a look at just a few of the templates you will receive...

Get all these templates DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR on a specially made 4GB ETD Thumb Drive! 

The 4GB ETD Key Drive will be loaded with your templates, and shipped directly to your door.  Take the ETD Key Drive with you wherever you go to have your programming handy and ready.  And who knows, there may be a bonus on there :).

Get instant access to our ETD Pen Drive w/ 15 Templates now!

For real though, the templates I will send you are some of the most useful, functional and time testing templates I have ever sold.  Upgrade your programming, and save time and effort on everything you create today.

Why Excel Training Designs?

ETD Was started in 2012 with a single goal: help coaches write better programs in less time.  Since then, I have worked with hundreds of coaches at every single level, from nearly every major professional sport in the world.

I have spent thousands of hours on Excel, and in that time have  made some VERY popular templates.  This ETD Key Drive will feature my best and most popular templates.  Why am I giving you so many good templates for so little?  Well, a few reasons.  

1. I want more coaches to have these templates, and making them this affordable opens the doors for everyone.

2. I want to prove my worth to you.  I am comfortable giving you these templates for this low, low price, because I know you will love them.




It will be the best and most comprehensive strength & conditioning program design tool ever built.  That other software? Yea, it works, and some of the features they offer are simply incredible.  But SCP will be something truly unique, and you are going to get first crack at it!  Coming in Q4 2017, don't miss it!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What does a bronze template do?

Can I get instant access to the templates instead of waiting?

Didn't you already run this promotion?!

What does a gold template do?

How long will it take to arrive?

Can I buy this one if I bought the last one?